It does exist! And it’s perfect… just as I expected. Two of my favorite things – Anthropologie and weddings are combined to create the most lovely and completely beautiful bridal brand B H L D N. First came the site, then came the store in Houston, TX with one on the way in Chicago (opening on Valentine’s Day).

Lucky for me, we headed to TX to visit family and I snuck away for a bit to see the store for myself. I am here to tell you, it did not disappoint. The best way to describe it would be ‘beauty overload’. From the layout of the store to the incredible light fixtures to the shoes to the gowns themselves, it was all perfection.

Here are a few (ok- a ton) of photos I took during my visit.

I couldn’t leave the store without buying a little something! The perfect little book found me in the decorations room,  A Flower Wedding by Walter Crane.

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