Wondering if you should hire a wedding planner? The answer is YES, YES – a million times YES!

A wedding planner – a good one – will be able to reduce your stress level by about 90% – 99.426% on your wedding day. This is from a scientific study I just now did in my head. Imagine that your rental company accidentally double-booked those lovely Chiavari chairs you’ve been eyeing since you were twelve… who has every rental company in town on speed dial? Your wedding planner. Your baker got a stomach bug and is unable to deliver your cake… who knows how to get 200 cupcakes on short notice? Your wedding planner.

You and your Aunt Wanda will have enough to worry about that day. So why not hire someone else to handle  placing the candles in the church, to make sure the food tray makes it to the groomsmen and to keep the photographer on schedule?

Look, I have flowered, attended or been a bridesmaid (twelve times, to be exact) in SO many weddings over the years that I can promise you this: weddings WITH a planner versus weddings WITHOUT a planner are the difference between Disney World and a neighborhood fall carnival. Trust me.

Those of you planning your wedding in Nashville are in luck because we have a great resource for planners:¬†The Nashville Wedding Planners Group. Here you will find a group of hardworking experienced professionals who know this town inside and out. I’d be more than happy to recommend several planners whom I have worked with and trust – just say the word.

Happy wedding planning!

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