All the way back, long ago in 2008, I was a bride and hired myself to be the floral designer for the wedding. I was SUCH an easy client to work with, even though I completely stiffed myself on payment (lame joke alert). So while we’re on the subject of weddings and wedding flowers, I thought I’d show you  a couple of photos and briefly tell you about my own wedding flowers.

First, the Amanda Jerkins Design logo is, in fact, my arm, my dress and my bouquet. And thanks to the wonderful Phindy Studios, the details were captured in one incredible photo that I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of since the start of my business. It is my current company logo, but was also Phindy Studios’ logo at one point. And yet more proof of its popularity is that fact that here, some sort of wedding company in the Middle East ‘illegally borrowed’ it and it is their logo as well (would it kill them to learn how to use Photoshop?).

Original Phindy photo of me/my dress/my flowers:

Recently discovered Middle Eastern website using the photo without permission:

For the bouquet, I was going for classic, refined, and well… me (not that I’m necessarily classic or refined – but I’m working on that). I pieced together my dream bouquet from my favorite rose, my favorite all around flower – white ranunculus – and tea leaves.

Here are a few more shots of my bouquet and wedding day, courtesy of Phil and Mindy Thornton at Phindy Studios.

Look at that beardless chap!

Thanks again to Phindy Studios for the lovely photos.

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