Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the first “Amanda Jerkins Stellar Vendor” profile : wedding planner Jennifer Hamilton of Mr.&Mrs. Weddings and Events. Jennifer and I met a little over a year ago and have had the delight of working on several events together. I’ve seen her put out fires, wrangle brides’ mothers (and grandmothers), and – without fail – deliver beautiful, well-executed events to her clients.
A brief Q & A with Jennifer:
1. How long have you been in the wedding business? I’ve been in business for 2 years.
2. What is the greatest asset Mr. and Mrs. Events brings to the table when working with a bride? I am
extremely detail oriented and organized when helping my clients plan their wedding day. However, at the
same time I am a very relaxed, laid back person and try my best to make sure my brides have fun while
going through the planning process. Planning a day that is as close to perfect as possible for my clients
is very important to me, but at the same time I try to have a very calming presence so that my brides can
relax and just have fun on their big day!
Along with planning and coordinating, I also offer design services for my clients. I am on cloud 9 when
a bride comes to me wanting to do things a little differently and needs help to create fun, unique details.
I am most creative when allowed to come up with personal details that really mean something to my
3. If your 2012 self could help your 2007 self plan your wedding, what would your to do list look like? I
loved planning my wedding and was very happy with everything but I could offer my past self some great
advice on ways to stay organized a little better and could also offer her some wonderful planning tools.
And I would definitely tell my past crazy bride self to “make a decision already!” and to just enjoy every
single moment. ;)
4. What celebrity’s (future) wedding would you most want to help plan? I must say I would be pretty
stoked to plan a wedding for Johnny Depp. I cannot even imagine how much fun it would be to design a
wedding for someone that eccentric. Just think of all the crazy, quirky details! Maybe I could theme each
part of the day after a different character he’s played….
And a few a lighter questions thanks to questionologist Dr. Morris Gregwire:
6. How many days before you trash leftovers? Probably too long….I get very attached to food.
5. Who is your favorite TV sitcom mom and why? My favorite sitcom mom at the moment is Gloria
Delgado-Pritchett (Sophia Vergara) from Modern Family. Love her!!
7. Demonstrate how you text laughter: haha (if I’m giving someone a pity laugh) and blahahahahaha!! (if
something really cracks me up)
Three cheers for Jennifer!
Some of Jennifer’s handiwork:
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