I’ve had many recurring dreams since I was a kid. Of course, there’s this one about a skeleton in a top hat playing checkers. But then there’s also the one about someday winning a blue ribbon. That’s the one I want to talk about right now.

I’ve always dreamed about winning a blue ribbon. I mean really win it and not just receiving a ‘you showed up, you’re sweet and such a great participator, so here you go – a blue ribbon!’. And a few years ago I was inspired by my husband’s and my pastime of visiting rural county fairs. After seeing all those canning, embroidering and pie-making ribbons in the exhibit halls, I decided to enter a cake into the Tennessee State Fair. Turns out, I mistook my zeal for EATING cakes as a call to competitively BAKE them. While I still maintain pride for trying, I realized I would have been better off in a category in which I am actually capable of placing.

Well, much to my delight, this year the State Fair powers-that-be reinstated the category of “Flower Arrangement” (apparently it had been years since is was in the creative catalogue). After a bit of paperwork, I settled on entries in the categories of ‘large arrangement” and ‘small arrangement’. And I am proud to say I close out the 2012 fair season with a blue ribbon (large arrangement) , a red ribbon (small arrangement), and best of all… a purple ribbon for BEST IN SHOW (for my large arrangement). I know it’s just a ribbon, but I must say it’s the proudest I’ve been in my adult/career life. Please forgive the tooting of my own horn. Is that such a crime? Either way, I promise I won’t/don’t do it often.

This is proof that dreams really can come true (thank goodness it wasn’t the one about the skeleton)!


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