As a wee lassie (and let’s face is it – all the way up to about age 14), when asked my favorite color I would recite, “it’s a tie between pink and purple”. There was no way I could choose one over the other. If I got a purple caboodle, then I’d need a pink scooter… I’d always try to even it out.

A few months ago I was asked to design a bouquet for an open house at a swank Nashville hotel. At the flower shop, I found that the most beautiful flowers available that day were pink ones and purples ones. “Do I dare?”, I thought to myself. The ten year-old Amanda within me was screaming “YES! YOU MUST! YOU OWE ME!” Let’s be clear – I don’t owe ten year-old Amanda anything. She totally went against the sound advice of our mother and “got bangs”. Big mistake. Nevertheless, 2013 Amanda likes a challenge, so I set out to make the color pink with the color purple both pretty and cool.
Both Amandas agree: pink and purple are still awesome.

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