In my experience, collaborations can either be awesome or the opposite of awesome. Fortunately for me, this particular collaboration was awesome.

Tec Petaja and I had been trying to do a shoot together for literally a year and-a-half, when finally the stars aligned and we were both simultaneously available. The concept was to feature some of my florals (with a color palette that would work for any season) as accessories to one of his model shoots. So in addition to the bouquets, Tec asked for a large floral headpiece and I gladly delivered. You’ll notice some summertime seasonal favs like peonies in both the headpiece and bouquets.

Sincere thanks to Tec Pataja for the lovely photos, Chelsea Pataja for the styling (will you please come fill my closet with coolness?), Jordan Buyers for hair and makeup and Danielle Maltby for lending her beautiful mug to the photos. Special side note: Jordan recently gave me one of the best haircuts of my life.
Photos by Tec Petaja

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  1. Leia

    Beautiful! I bet that was a fun shoot! Love love love that last bouquet.
    Chelsea does Oh My Deer? Small world, we considered her wedding invites!


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