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I have a few designer crushes that I have decided to reveal to the world in the form a blog post series. I don’t know, maybe once a month? We’ll see.

So I ‘follow’ several designers/decorators across various social media. Consequently, I know more about their lives than some of my actual sisters (literally). I have awesome sisters and all, but I don’t know what they are eating/drinking/shopping every single day. Our world is weird, right?

One of my absolute faves is Emily Henderson. She won Design Star a few years ago and has been wowing both myself and the design world ever since. She has a knack for pulling together spaces that are fresh, unexpected, beautiful, functional and representative of both her and her clients, which is amazingly tricky to do. I really love everything about her, except for maybe her occasional sailor’s mouth (yes, I’m a prude). Crush unphased. In addition to crazy talented, she is quite the comedienne – one of my favorite of her traits. I just know we would be best friends if we could ever meet… says the creepy stalker. Emily – you have nothing to worry about… I’m hilarious and cool.

So please follow her and develop your own crush.

Here are what I consider to be some of her greatest hits.

EHblog1 EHblog4 EHblog3 EHblog5 EHblog7 EHblog6 EHblog2

You can find all of these photos on Pinterest. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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