Growing up in West Monroe, Louisiana has had its benefits… one of which has been growing up with the now-famous Robertson/Howard families. Our families go back many years, but I’ll not bore you with the details other than a couple of random facts: 1. My grandfather gave Phil Robertson his very first job in the 1960′s as a football coach at the school where he (my grandfather) was principal and 2. My mom made a super cool tapestry vest (similar to the one here ~ how about that… they are cool again) for me to give to Korie in the early 90s as a thank you gift for letting me carpool with her to school for the year (I, a 7th grader, Korie a senior).

A few months ago, Korie’s younger sister Ashley called me to ask if I would be interested/available to design and flower a vow renewal for Uncle Si and his wife Christine of 43 years. Yes and yes! And it was a total dream job in that they basically gave me a budget and a color scheme and let me do what I do. While the event itself was not a surprise to Christine, the details were. The only notes I got were that A. she likes purple and green and B. she wanted everything to be pretty (i.e. not a redneck party). I can do pretty ~ though I would love to try ‘redneck party’ sometime.

One element I had fun choosing were the tablecloths, from my favorite linen rental company La Tavola in California. They were so beautiful that I wanted to cut a hole of the the middle and add it to my skirt wardrobe (the hole would have to have been huge though as I was 36ish weeks pregnant at the time).

Other elements I added to the mix: mismatched vintage china, deer antlers and of course lovely flowers. I love how it all came together and we were fortunate enough to have some of the work published in an Us Weekly magazine, as well as their special Duck Dynasty edition. Finally I’m allowed to show off some of the other photos, taken by the talented and bearded Stephen Jerkins.

A big thanks to all the vendors involved especially Event Rental, who provided the lovely tent and other rentals.

Amanda-Jerkins-Design-Si-Robertson-Wedding-3 Amanda-Jerkins-Design-Si-Robertson-Wedding-5 Amanda-Jerkins-Design-Si-Robertson-Wedding-13 Si-Robertson-Wedding-by-Amanda-Jerkins-Design-1 Amanda-Jerkins-Design-Si-Robertson-Wedding-8 Amanda-Jerkins-Design-Si-Robertson-Wedding-17 Si-Robertson-Wedding-by-Amanda-Jerkins-Design-2 Us Weekly

I would also like to mention that this event was extra fun for me because all 3 of my sisters were there to let me boss them around. Thanks sisters!

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