Amanda is a Louisiana girl, born and raised. She studied at Harding University in Arkansas where she received a BS in fashion and interior merchandising. Upon graduation, Amanda moved to New York City and landed a job as store designer at the flagship Crate&Barrel on Madison Avenue, where she was involved in designing the layout of the store as well as their Madison Avenue window displays. It was there at Crate&Barrel that she also fell in love with the medium of flowers, as she was assigned to go to Manhattan’s flower district each week to buy materials for the weekly floral arrangements she would create for the store.


After three years in New York City, she uprooted to Nashville where she pursued her second degree, a BFA in interior design at O’More School of Design. After graduation as an interior designer, Amanda was routed back to New York City for an an internship with Grid Partners, one of the world’s renowned retail design firms. She turned down a job offer as lead material and finish selector at the end of her internship to return to Nashville, where she decided to begin her own business, Amanda Jerkins Design, pursuing the equal loves of creating florals and designing spaces.


With twelve years of experience in her field, Amanda’s expertise in interior design sets her apart as a floral designer, while expertise in floral design informs her ability to bring something fresh to all of the spaces she designs. It is a perfect marriage. Amanda wholeheartedly loves what she does.

Amanda is also one half the creative force behind Whoa, Wait. Walmart?, the popular Instagram feed that informs the world of surprisingly great finds inside Wal Mart.

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