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My Dream Color Palette from Childhood: Pink & Purple

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As a wee lassie (and let’s face is it – all the way up to about age 14), when asked my favorite color I would recite, “it’s a tie between pink and purple”. There was no way I could choose one over the other. If I got a purple caboodle, then I’d need a pink… Read more »

New York Trip (part 3)

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Although we were in the greatest city on Earth for some pleasure, we were mostly there for business. Sallie and Clark’s wedding was on Saturday, Oct. 1st in Stamford, CT – just a 45 minute car ride from the Empire State Building. Stephen and I headed up on Friday with a car full of beautiful… Read more »

Pink Lemonade and Yellow Inspired Florals

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I was so excited for two reasons when my friend and former co-worker Talia got engaged: 1. She was deliriously happy to be marrying her beau of a few years and 2. she wanted me to design the florals for their big day. Talia is a gorgeous girl with great taste and it certainly didn’t… Read more »